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If any of you out there are Harry Potter fans (and I know you are!) you will love, love, love our range of Harry Potter stock. We have Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Jelly Slugs and Chocolate Frogs (with collectible cards)!!

As Ron says in The Chamber of Secrets, “Eat Slugs, Malfoy”, now you can say that to your friends, but you won’t be cursing them to vomit up slugs, you’ll be sharing delicious jellies! And you might not get an earwax flavoured Bertie Botts Bean like poor Professor Dumbledore but you might get a toast flavoured one (hey, who doesn’t love toast?). And the Chocolate Frogs won’t leap out of the window like a Hippogriff, they’ll stay right in your hand until you munch them up.

You’ll find us in the University of Galway in March 2015 at Potterfest, which was a roaring success last year, with our stall of Harry Potter themed goodies. I will be bringing my cloak and wand, so as Mad Eye Moody would say…”CONSTANT VIGILANCE!”

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