Aunty Nellies

It all started when we opened our first sweet shop in Cork
city in 2011 to showcase the fantastic work that artisan
producers and chocolatiers were doing all over Ireland.
A step into Aunty Nellie’s shop was a magical trip down
memory lane, with walls of old favourites like Bullseyes,
Fizzy Cola Bottles. Gummy Bears and Iced Caramels.
it's the little things
We’ve grown since then, on-line and with new Aunty Nellie's stores, by making a simple deal with
our customers. We’ll hunt high and low for the best quality sweets, old school favourites and new
kids on the block. All you have to do is pop into the shop, in real life or online, and take your pick.
One bite of our fizzy bubblegum bottles and you’re back
outside school, swapping them with your bestie for a few
milky teeth. Or maybe try a Rosey Apple and wonder,
where have you been all my life?
That’s what we’re all about at Aunty Nellie’s ...
where magical
treats await